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So far my meds for bipolar have been working wonderfully.

Until a week ago, I noticed I was slipping downwards again!

I Don't know how to pull myself out of it, thought I could deal with it..but now I'm not so sure. My mind is working sideways again, I'm finding it hard to concentrate and things that usually make me smile or happy aren't...i'm numb to fun!

Thing is at the moment, until April confidentiality with my dr and pdoc does not exist. So professional help is not an option!

What do I do?

How do I stop from slipping further?

Please someone give me the answers? :(

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What does it mean that "until April confidentiality with my dr and pdoc does not exist"? What happens instead?

Because the best advice I could think of for a question about medication would be to talk to a doctor or a therapist.

There are a few things that you can do as self-help for depression, such as making sure you do the small routine things for yourself, as usual. You could also try to work on negative self-talk, if you're maybe talking yourself down a bit, but that's harder to do on your own, in my experience.

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