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Cyclothymia in Bipolar


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I need to talk about how to help to get out of the depression state it"s happening now for almost 2 weeks now crying constantly and feeling not worth it flash backs and taking care of other loved ones 2 in fact that can"t help themselves because one is my beautiful daughter who has had to fight all her life just to feel alive she is very strong! Mother is in last stage of Alzheimers having trouble because i am all alone no friends all have moved away! no friends My daughter has made sure i have beautifil babies my two cats and 2 lovely dogs and 2 birds and a guinea pig and forgot 2 gerbils! as you can see i love animals and they do keep me company because when i cry they give me comfort but i am to the point of my Biopolar with all the meds i have been on and almost died because the last psych. just loaded me up so she wouldn"t have to be bothered with me finally changed psych. but i am scared to death because i don"t want to be a zombie to the point where i was put in danger separted from my husbsnd in 2005 asked him for a divorce but he wants to have his cake and eat it 2 thanks he is another state so somebody pease respond to me just to talk and help me if you can help me!:confused: lonely

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I read the term i am bipolar 1 very interesting yes it should be called bipolar 3

honestly never heard i am sure it has defintiely misunderstood its kinda mixed with some of both 1 & 2 but yet like the other ones it also stands alone the psychiatric profession better get it together because being bipolar 1 i know about 2 but never heard about this thanks for getting me straight sorry for being so stupid!

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