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special needs people, easy targets for


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Easy targets for bullying... I am so tired of it. Why do bully's do this? We have had some trouble with a boy who lives in our complex always calling my autistic son names and threating to break his face, break our windows, killing me, killing him, and just tonight throwng rocks at our door.

I went to the managers apt. told her about it again, and said I am calling the police.. So I did. That kid has been doing this for a while now. I had it. The police came , talked to the kid, turns out he is just ten years old! However, the apt. manager told me he is a problem ...

Sad thing is he does notknow anything about my son, or me. Yes he is 17 yrs old, with a mind of a 12 year old, and with cognitive delays too. The police talked to a group of kids , the parent was upset once she found out what her kid was up to...

Hopefully the kid got scared straight. I was told that I need to supervise my kid , even if it is just to go check the mail> Mean ass little bastards... Sorry but it pissess me off that my nearly adult son can't even walk to the mailbox without getting bullied. Those kids do not know me, or my son, they are just little troublemakers , bullies, of the complex , and a bunch of A holes.

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Guest ASchwartz

Why do people bully? We have a number of articles on the site about that question. However, in the end, its a cruel and sadistic thing for anyone to do, whether child or adult. I do not blame you for being upset.


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I found out that this is kid that gets into a lot of trouble. He has a group of friends and if your in that group he gets very mean. This kid is just 10 years old! my son does not hang out outside or anything , ever. He goes to a special school out of town. ANd still is getting bulllies by a much younger , trouble maker child.

Found out that this kid has had the police called on him before , from accross the street. Anther apt complex. He went to uninvited to a party stayed there for a couple hours , then decided to go for a swim in the pool. Well the police were called to see them throwing chairs and crap into the pool, did i mention they trashed the community room too?

I am going to see if the police filed a report , then get a copy of it, because the manager wants one.

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This boy seems to be one of those who grow up to be BIG problems in peoples life( abusers, criminals and so forth ) unless he gets serious treatment. I understand very well this upsets you because you have the right to have a bully free life and you have a son that you care about and love and he shouldnt have be afraid to go out or get bullied. And this bully boy is just 10 years old! as you mention twice and with good reason, he is 10 and his parent(s), needs to get him to treatment or he will only grow worse.

I hope police can do something because its not going to change unless this boy gets help or be talked to. I doubt being talked to help this boy, he is bad enough already. The parent(s) need to get their son help if it doesnt stop.

I hope for you and your son to be in peace soon.

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