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Is It Still Abuse If


Is It Still Abuse If A Pedophile Touches A Child In A Non-Sexual Way?  

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  1. 1. Is It Still Abuse If A Pedophile Touches A Child In A Non-Sexual Way?

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    • No

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Guest ASchwartz

No, that is not true unless the pedophile already abused the child. The problem is that a pedophile may not be able to control themselves. If they have been convicted, then, yes, any contact would be illegal: no matter what.


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First off, I consider myself a pedophile (others on these forums say I may not be one at heart). I hate it and am ashamed, and I only joined these boards to look for help.

In response to your question, I don't believe that a pedophile who touches a child in a non-sexual manner is necessarily abuse. If two adults make physical contact, it is not considered rape or sex. However, if the contact was intended in a sexual manner, that's a different story. Obviously, a convicted pedophile should not have any contact with children.

I have a cousin who is 4. Although I have a perverted attraction to children (for which I am deeply ashamed), I have never once thought about making any form of sexual contact with her. I see her for a few weeks throughout the year, and during these times, I hold her and play with her. By no means do I consider this form of contact sexual abuse. I've grown a love for her just as one would have for a sibling -- a non-sexual love.

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