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this is miller21, and i have an aquaintance who teaches WRAP plans, she swears by them, and her close friend, who i also know, they both do WRAP plan stuff, or used to, every week. i have a VERY brief one written on unfolded envelope, but i don't use it much. i remember things on it, but i don't look at it to decide what to do next. seems like i just cope, the skills pop into head, do it. when not well, think, work, but struggle, just keep at it. sometimes the last skill is to call crisis. after that, i know i can only sleep, just let my subconscious take over, rest and heal. i don't think taking a sleepy pill like benadryl, other, is coping, but lots of times it seems to work. when i wake, i have new ideas about how to help myself, new strength to deal w/life. but i don't like doing it often. like watching myself cope, deal much better than sleeping. sleeping is crisis mode.

i think the thing i hate most about WRAP plans is that my WRAP friend said i wasn't taking responsibility for adult self when i wanted some help doing one. one day, we might have coffee, and i will tell her, i was so physically ill, confused, unable to focus, organize that i could not do any planning. was in no way my fault, but i have dislike for WRAP plans, and i still struggle w/focus, organization, so i fail to see the point in it. but i did submit an article for one of Mary Ellen Copeland's books, and she included it. but i don't think WRAP plans are any use for people who have lost mental faculties, like i do repeatedly.

applied for food stamps today, and it was 3 buses each way, plus walk, but i am satisfied, feel more in control. might get home help thing, medicaid, too. nearly collapsed, but made it home, am still optimistic i might make it the whole march w/only 1 episode!!!


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actually, i hate WRAp plans. i wanted to like them so bad, because my friend teaches them, and i really look up to her, or used to. but she responded to my plea for help processing with the approximate words, you need to take responsibility for yourself... one day, maybe she will have coffee w/me again, i will tell her. never wanted to be dependent on others, but was so physically incapable, and mentally, was two dollars short of a ten. it was those damn meds, and it is hard for people to get it, these were terrible side effects, not part of insert info. so i was kind of offened, and i like best when i cope by the seat of my pants, anyway. feels more me, more like i am in control. tactics like taking sleepy meds to get rest, i know she wouldn't accept that on WRAP plan, and it works for me. i get thru depression, i always do, my friend beth, she is psychiatrist, she knows it, sees it, reminds me. but the first one, nope.

carolyn asked me couple of questions to help me put items on paper, that was all i could manage. good enough, WRAP plan not for everyone, no answer is for everyone. anyone who believes that is living in never-never land. it is a basic of mental health theory, no answer is for everyone.

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