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I'm new to the website


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If been a self-injurer for as long as I can remember in some way. It has ranged from cutting, burning, to small things like hitting things until I nearly breack my hand. When i first began cutting I had never heard of anybody purposely harming themselves. The self injury did lead to drug and alcohol abuse. It wasn't until I grew older that I decided to look into it and began to research the condition. I haven't been able to come out and tell any of my friends or family about the situation, and I came across this websit by chance. I'm not sure exactly what to say, but maybe this will help for starters. Thanks, Eli

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I think you've said hello fairly well. Welcome to our little corner of the web. I think you will find that there are a number of people here who self-injure and struggle with keeping that impulse under control. Please feel free to post (although if you decide to describe something graphic, please mark the title of your post with a tag to let others know), and join in the other conversation threads that are ongoing.


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