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I start to feel I wish I die


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I am still sitting alone here in the dark. I havent done anything in 3 days, just crying. My shirt is full of make up from my eyes washed away with my tears. I am not eating nearly. I dont go out to the shop even I have too.

I am aching so in my chest, feel I will die of heart sorrow. I am afraid I am going to die. I start wish I was dead soon, I am scared I cant take the pain anymore. I dont hear from my husband all day.

I thought maybe I will die of heart sorrow, but I should have had some make up on. My grandfather had cancer but they said he died of heart sorrow, his wife, my grandmother, died 4 months before him, he was grieving so much, they had spent their whole life together. They were both 86 when they died.

He had written a love poem to her that they would spend eternity together in heaven. I have it.

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