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Growing up in a very abusive home my self esteem was around -10,

Bath was a luxury, always had to have a short haircut, wearing the same clothing for an entire week at school and being overweight didn't help. So that made me easy picking from other students.

So now transformation from a high school reject to an adult I grew my hair down to my waist,lost some weight and having some very close friends.

What I don't understand is how come I still feel like that high school reject?

Can anyone help me on this one? please

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Soaring Eagle,

I know what you mean. If only moving on from those terrible days of childhood and adolescence put a stop to the problems of those days it would be great. But, the trouble is that we carry those times with us. In other words, you are still dealing with having been abused and you are still feeling like that High School reject. Psychotherapy can help with breaking those ways of thinking and feeling, especially Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT). We also have a self help section here on Mental Help Net and you will find a section on exercises you can do to help you change the way you think about yourself.

You do not have to feel this way the rest of your life. You can get over this and feel a lot better about yourself and life.


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