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I'm Confused?


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I do agree ss was hard on sr I am very confused on why people on here sometimes can judge. I did respond to sr a couple of times because he did answer some of my replies intending to help him but, when he in my eyes kind of gave me some harsh replies I did fight back with my feelings on what he said to me. I have been reading his posts but decided to not respond anymore to him I know he is in a fragile state but, don't slam me with something that you have no idea what is going on in my home or my personal life

[meaning 2 posts he talked about & I was trying to help him] I don't want to be judge or critized by what I'm having to do or what I'm going through.

I will not judge anybody on here how dare anybody critize anybody when everybody on here has something in common with some,more or everybody. I would not wish for anybody to die. I have also been there when I have had to be hospitalized for atempting suicide.

The only person I have to critizie is myself and not anybody else but myself.

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Leo, I'm sorry that you felt judged. I'm sorry that something was posted which upset you. When this happens it's okay to PM a moderator or administrator about it, and we will look into it. I don't remember seeing the posts that you are referring to. I may have missed them. Sometimes that happens. Could you PM me the info, so I can take a look?

I know that you do your very best, Leo, and your family is very lucky to have you.

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