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Rose colored glasses are broken


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Just going through my old poems and things I would write. There is one that hit me so hard it hurt so bad, in general in life all that mattered to me was people and making them happy,smile "I want to do something for you, not because you have done something for me or I'll look for your givings"~yborn,

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Procrastination, determination I have both.

Gratification all above.

Destination, satisfaction I'm lost.

Seek me, see me.

I have beauty.

Nothing tenative romance,friendship,acquaintances.

I'm sensitive.

Will you be my friend.

I'll bound you with beauty.~yborn

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My life is a continuos bad cycle. I fixed my glasses. I am badly damaged. Thoes glasses will never be the same. I am aware of what is happening to me and I let fear dictate my life and hope and create illusions of a miracle.I know I do not deserve this.Life is cruel and many people dont deserve what is fate.Thank you for replying,that helps.

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Hi yborn

Sometimes life can feel and be just a bad cycle, and it really can seem like the bad things are never gonna end..... :(

What is happening to you, that is making you feel so scared ?

Maybe if you tell us about it, we might be able to help in some way.

It can be a cruel world, and unfortunately sometimes we have to work through the bad stuff, to get to the good, the world can also be beautiful.

Take care

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Yborn,

Listen to sweetsue, what she said is so on target. Thanks, sweetsue.:(

I also agree that the poem is very beautiful.

We will be your friend. I am speaking for myself and I am certain for everyone else here. You found the right place, here.

There are bad cycles in life. They alternate with good cycles and there are lots of good people who are not cruel.

What is making you feel so very bad? Can you talk about it?


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