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So just when I need my family's support, everything implodes. Not only do they abandon me, not only do they say they don't give a shit about me, that I'm totally worthless, but they try to guilt me into giving my ex whatever he wants.....for the kids' sake. So where's the lesson in this? C will give in, she will always rollover, she's the doormat, don't bother even asking the Dad to compromise. No, it's all got to come from C. So the lesson is, let people walk all over you. Let them do it OVER and OVER and OVER again until you're dead and have nothing left to give. He got my house, my retirement, my health, my career. It never, ever stops. And my family don't see this. Or, maybe they do. Maybe they just see the inevitability of me being stripped bare, so they're just trying to expedite the process. Yah, feed the Pit Bull, give him more strength so she can be put out of her misery faster.

Well, you know what? This time, it's not giving in YET AGAIN that hurts so much. It's the gang bang by the family. YOU ARE NOT LOVED. yOU NEVER WERE! But we kinda like your kids. So come on, lose a limb or two or three or four, or your goddam fucking life for all we care. Just rollover you worthless piece of shit. By god, has my sister signed the adoption papers for my ex yet? He needs a new sugar mommy.

Arrrrrrgh, has anybody got any leads on high quality punching bags for not too much $$$$ ? The wall I just hit, hit back a bit too hard. I don't really want to add broken bones to my list of horrors. And I'm too goddam close to putting my fist through a pane of glass!

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That totally sucks. You have all my sympathy. I say do what you think is fair. No one is giving you useful advice, so figure out what makes the most sense to you and put your foot down. Screw them. You are NOT a doormat. Even if things don't go your way in the end, at least you will have made a stand.

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