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I have been reading everybodys posts. Right now I have not been doing very well physical or mentally. Had 2 surgerys back to back Thurs. & Friday. Wanting to reply on alot of them but, half the time I'm groggy or when I'm awake having to do things for my daughter or home. Some posts have made me happy about the responses that everybody gives each other & of course I'm sad when people have grief & despair but, always somebody is here to help. I'm on alot of meds. rite now so I am half aware what is going on it's late nite here so I decided to try. I'm starting a new practice for psych. & therapy first time I ever had to do this finally a change I initiated on my own. Checked them out and hopefully it's the right move. Very dissapointed in this last practice when her own secretary tells me she has to much of a patient load and can't handle it. So I said what the hell change is coming for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Leo...wow 2 surgerys:eek:..I bet you are groggy. I hope today is going to be better for you..take it is and allow yourself the proper time to recover. Sounds like you are making changes for the positive...thats great. I know it can be hard to keep a positive outlook on life when trying overcome obstacles. You have been of great support to me.. Hang in there :o

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