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im hardly ever eating now, and if i do, i leave half my food on the plate


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Guest ASchwartz

Hi wasup1,

You have not really said anything about yourself but I am assuming that you are young and that you are expiencing Anorexia Nervosa.

Whether it's anorexia or another eating disorder, they are all extremely serious and life threatening. You need to get help for it now, immediately and talk to your family about the need for help. The place to start would be your medical doctor who can weigh you and determine if you have become dangerously thin?

Do you purge?

Can you tell us more about yourself??


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To me it sounds like your going through the grieving process! Not the grievance in where it involves a death! The issue in wherev you have split from your partner!

It could also be an early sign of Depression? I would suggest you seek this out with your local G.P. You may not think that you are depressed, but this is your body's way of telling you to slow down! I realise that this may not be easy with the seperation just happening, but your body's got way's and mean's? And if your not looking after your body, then eventually, it will take it's toll. It's like running a car with no petrol? Eventually the engine will sieze up or the car will come to a stop!

For your body to keep up to scratch, and keep working the way it should, you have got to feed it. Because if your not looking after your body, then eventually, you will become tired, drained. Which could take you months to get over? And all for what? Because you was to busy to look after yourself! Even if it means taking some of these protein drinks and vitamins. At least that way your body's getting all what it needs without starving it!

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Guest ASchwartz


You really need to see your MD immediately. Your physical health is involved and it is not healthy to refrain from eating.

This could be a serious symptom of depression or something non psychiatric.

However, you announce to us that you are still not eating. Only you can do something about this, not any of us. Act now.


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Yes, I am in agreement with what has been suggested to you. Starving yourself is not the answer , when upset, and going through a break up. All it is going to do is make you feel weak, and then your more in danger of getting sick.

This may be a budding Eating Disorder, or something full blown. regardless, it is vital to start with your MD.

I have personally been through this myself, and have experience with Eating Disorders. 8 yrs of it, and It was up to me to stop the bulimia and anorexia. It is your body and you have to decide for yourself rather to stay on the path your on, or to Stop before it takes over your life completley. Trust me, it will. Better to nip it in the Bud NOW, before it ruins your health, and possibly takes your life. :)

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Guest ASchwartz

Well, wasup1, that is why you need to go to the Doctor and find out "what's up" with you. It may be emotional or it may be physical or it may be both, but, whatever it is, you need to find out so that you can get better.


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but the thing is, im not hungry, i was forced to eat twice today, which in my opinion, something hard to do..... i dont know why, but, im just not hungry, no i dont "Purge", whatever that is, i think its being sick. but yeah. i just havent been all that hungry,

Ok so your not hungry... It could be from something medically wrong , or from the breakup, and depression , which is a common thing that happens in people. If you let it slide then it is only going to make matters worse for you and your health.

Their are High calorie drinks that you can buy or your docotor can perscribe for you that you can drink, and still get the nutrition you need. ensure is the one i am talking about.

If you really do not want to eat, rule out the possible causes first by getting a check up , then go from there.

I am not sure if this not wanting to eat is on purpose or that your deliberltey doing this to yourself.

PLease go to your medical doctor and see whats going on.

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