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Just fed up of life!


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Yeah Im totally FED up with life,

What I do is just try and hang on the best I can, till the next moment comes along and hope beyond hope that, that moment will be better in some small way or atleast easier to cope with.

Meditating, helps me to deal with it, as does distraction, and talking helps (when I allow myself too), not neccessarily about whats troubling me, sometimes talking about nothing important helps, just to feel that little bit of normality. I also like painting, and find it soothing, or listening to music to help me find a little balance.

But thats just me and Im weird at the best of times. What kinda thing do you enjoy ?

Maybe if you could try and do the things you like in your spare time, you wont be as fed up with life.

Keep trying, in hope for a better tomorrow :(

Take care

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