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Need some input on Medication

Guest existindeath

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Hi existindeath,

The whole drug thing gets so overwhelming. I am not sure what you really are looking for and I am no way qualified to say if you are on a good drug or not. What I can share is my own experience. What I have found over the past 5 years is that med's are so personal, some things will work for one person and not the other. My body just doesn't like drugs, I have stopped counting at 20 different types. What I do know now is my new pdoc really listens to me. He has read the horrible side effects which I have had to endure (thank goodness I was in the hospital for some of the trials). I now straight up with him. If I have the slightest inclination that something is not right. I no longer wait in hope that side effects will subside because for me often they don't.

I have found open and frank discussion with my pdoc allows both of us to make a plan. As he says I am the expert on me (lol- I feel listened to and heard).With this respectful relationship, I have had no real med issues since he has been treating me.

So if it is possible talk to your pdoc about your own ideas of what is happening, what is tolerable and what is not. And the two of you may be able to find the best med for you.

I hope I haven't freaked you out,

take care


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1confused12 said it very well!

If it is not too triggering for you, there is a lamictal web site on the web telling all about the drug. I take lamictal as well. I just recently started taking it and have not reached a fully therapeutic dose. But we're working on that. I also used to take Xanax. I got up to 10mg a day. :eek: It just was not doing the job. So I was weened off of it and given another drug.

If you have any doubts about any drugs you are taking, check with your doctor. Also a terrific resource is your pharmacist. You can check with him/her to be sure you are getting the correctly prescribed medication, if you have any doubts that is.


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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Everyone:

There are several key issues or concerns about the way the present conversation is going:

First, I have extremely serious doubts and misgivings about using the Internet so seek information about medication. Because quality control is few and far between, anyone can post anything, including about medications. This is why we, at Mental Help Net, do not in any way, discuss these types of issues. We are NOT Medical Doctors and are not licensed to discuss what types of medicationd do and do not work nor for what conditions.

I agree with Confused: speak to your Medical Doctor and your Pharmacist.

If you still have doubts and are not getting the proper help from your doctor, get a consultation with a different doctor: Everyone has the right to GET A SECOND OPINION FROM A MEDICAL PERSON.

Second, each of us is built differently and, therefore, react differently to medications of all types. I have known many people who are "medication sensitive." For those people, it took a lot of effort for the Doctor to find the right medicine and at the correct dose for that person. That is the point: medication involves a lot more than just information on the Internet. Doctors are licensed because medicine issues are extremely complex.

Third, while all Medical Doctors have the credentials to prescribe medicines, I have always believed that, for psychiatric medications, you should see a psychiatrist. This is their specialty and know more about how the meds do and do not work than the other types of medical docs.

Fourth, this is also one reason why I believe psychotherapy is important if you are taking meds. The therapist, who is usually not a medical person, is someone you can bounce your concerns about meds off of and get guidance.

And, so, if you are having medicine problems, speak to your doc. Make sure your doc is a psychiatrist, at least that is my opinion, and, if not satisfied, go for a second opinion or go to a different doc.

Allan :D

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I want to second Allan's post in this thread warning about relying on non-medical doctors to help you decide what your medication regime should be. It is certainly true that medical doctors don't know everything, and a fair amount of the time they get things not perfect. Psychiatric medication is frequently adjusted as new crises occur or medications stop working, etc. That's part of the game. It is appropriate that you educate yourself regarding new medications that you have questions about, but what to do if you develop suspicions about your medications or dosages is to talk with your doctor about them before taking any action to adjust or discontinue something. If you can't get in to see the doctor, call his or her office and have the doctor call you back or a nurse. The wrong thing to do would be to decide on your own to stop taking something or to take less or more than has been described. This is not because people are incapable of understanding their treatments, but because the medical doctor is almost always going to be more educated about what is happening chemically in your body than you can be for yourself, and more importantly, more objective about what is happening.


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Well I thought the medications site would be reliable... I too look stuff up on the internet.

Back to the anxiety... well it did not work for me.. but you say xanex does not work for your anxiety... they will not give me xanex because I am an alcoholic... but I get it anyway ( I know , shame on me!) But I take one maybe every 2 weeks....

never mind.... we are not suppose to discuss medications... and I most defiantly am not a doctor... so I will be quiet.......

If the Lamactil does not work... it takes a while .. talk to your doc .... and get something else.


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