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Dont Know what to do...


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My life is spinning out of control. I dont know what to do. I am so tired of being hurt and taken for granted by people who supposedly care and love me. I got myself into a situation where im not sure whats going to happen. Im afraid ill lose everything because i got revenge on someone. i didnt hurt them but i did emotionally because they hurt me emotionally and i feel guilty about it because im not that type of person but how much should I take? . People use me and lie to me and i got sick of it and i snapped. I dont know what to do. i feel like checking myself in the hospital because im afraid im going to have a breakdown. I dont feel suicidal but i feel miserable and just want to hide. i dont know what the point of this thread is. i guess i want to know what to do or someone to listen to me. i am so alone and scared..

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