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no idea what to do, still.


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All I can write to you as that communication is vital. Also, your going to need to see how she feels about getting back together, and if she is willing to give it anther shot.

I am not good with this kind of stuff myself, however, i do know that If A person is interested in getting back together, your going to have to be honest , and not pressure her, or call her all the time , because then it would be like stalking her.

If she needs space or time to think , let her. Relationships are hard work and takes Along time to grow with each other.

I wish you the best of luck.

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Iam assuming you are young??? Sweetheart what you feel right now will not compare to what you feel later when you are loder... AND I know you do not want to hear that. Did I not read that she did you wrong??? It may be hard,.... but the best thing to do is let her go. If you call her, "stalk" her.... Beg her... she will have all the power and that is not a good relationship....

Real love is as mutual respect for each other.. I have been married 20 yrs... Do I like him all the time... NO! But... I know we love each other... and we will always be there... I am not scared of divorce... I guess it may hapopen but I doubt it... he needs me as much as I need him.


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