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Perpetuating Factors?


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I just felt compelled to write about the links I keep stumbling across between metabolism and depression. The article I was just sent talked about how Fluoride can cause Hypothyroidism. I have practically every symptom. It can also be caused by tricyclics and antipsychotics. Aha - no surprise there - I gained weight on both and felt like my metabolism ground to a complete halt. The former also caused massive joint pain. The only 'drug' that has remotely worked for me is running. I don't even start to perspire for fifteen minutes. I went running in 86 degree temperatures the other day - wonderful - I finally warmed up!

After I eat, I hurt and feel like sleeping. It's supposed to be the opposite. The only reasons I'm not overweight is probably my running, chronic anxiety, unbelievable stress, past bulimia and the fact that pain and nausea set in before I overindulgence too much. And that's in spite of my wicked cravings for sugar, salt and alcohol.

I came across an article that said "it is all but proven that Fibromyalgia is caused by poor metabolism". Something I always suspected but never heard.

So, I'm beginning to think that these things that are supposed to be helping us battle depression, chronic fatigue, chronic pain etc are actually exacerbating and perpetuating the problem. I will be checking out my thyroid hormones shortly (a wonder my Doctor did not order this test given I have almost every single symptom of hypothyroidism). I find that way more motivating than trying out another drug that is simply going to shut my whole system down to the point where I feel like I have one foot in the grave (not a great result for somebody with chronic lifelong depression).

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