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Question about possible depression


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Is it possible to be depressed but not feel depressed all the time? Most of the time I fell like the way the symptoms of depression are described - no energy, irritable, no self-esteem, agitated, feeling guilty over little things, unable to concentrate, extremely anxious about the future and the fact that I've screwed it up, and I've been isolating myself from friends and colleagues increasingly over the past few months.

The exception really is that I haven't lost interest in pastimes or sport - in fact it's gone the other way entirely in that I obsess over them. I think it's because when I'm engrossed in it I can forget about everything that's bothering me. I mentioned elsewhere that I was sent to see a doctor before, who said I probably wasn't depressed based on this - but there must be something wrong with me! If this is what normal feels like I don't want it!

I've made an appointment to see a therapist, but the earliest available date is at the end of November. Since I've made the appointment I've lost my job - I was going to change jobs anyway, but was hoping to have some sessions done before moving so I'd be more able to cope with stress and so less likely to screw up in the new job. I suppose I'm just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience? Maybe it's not depression, but something similar?

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I am no oprofessional, however, you did describe the features of depression. Even though you have not lost the interest in sports, it may be A way for you to cope with the depression. It helps you feel better and takes your mind off of everything else.

Job loss is one of the biggest triggers of depression . you may have Depression still, and I am not one to say. It is good that your going into therapy.

Also, you can go to your regular MD and discuss your symtoms.

Best of luck , and wishing you happiness.

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Thanks for the reply mscat, that makes sense I suppose about the coping mechanism.

Having to leave the job was more a result of the way I've been feeling rather than a cause of it - though I have been much more restless and irritable since then. I did bring this up with my own doctor, who gave me the therapist's number - but it wasn't a referral which is why I'm so far down the line I suppose. I wish I could have gotten an appointment sooner, though I may be hanging too much significance on the idea that therapy will fix everything.

Is therapy a "cure", or should I lower my expectations? And how long does it usually take to start making a difference?

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My one big question for you is why are you feeling this way? Has something recently changed in your life? Have you realized something you haven't before? Why I ask is that there is depression, and then there is just being depressed. Depression is consistent. It bugs you every day. When a person had depression little things can trigger a very fowl mood. However when something happens in our lives that is particularly upsetting, such as a death in the family, getting fired, or a relationship ending, it is natural for them to become depressed. However that is not depression. Depression by definition is being consistently depressed over and beyond the reasonable limits to what has happened.

What I am trying to say is if something happened recently and your feeling depressed about it, you probably do not have depression, you're probably depressed. However if this was not triggered, or the thing that happened in your life is not worth feeling this way, than probably you have depression. I personally hope it is not that, depression is tough to live with, I have been diagnosed with depression and I know what it is like. On good days it's merely intolerable...

I wish you the best of luck in finding your answer. And don't be afraid to come to us. I may be speak with candor, but I am also very understanding and helpful. You can never have to big of a support system.

- Anonymous.

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There are different kinds of depressions and not all of them are characterized primarily by depressed mood or decreased interest in things. there is the "melancholic" or sad depression that is the classic thing, and then there is the aggitated, irritable depression. The person isn't sad and isn't necessarily fatigued, but is ready to leap down others throats if they do anything to bother them. Sometimes aggitated people are restless instead of fatigued.

The criteria for making a diagnosis of depression are listed here.

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