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Trust is an important part of any relationship. It is in fact the foundation of any relationship. Through my life I have trusted, but in every instance of trust, I have been left disheartened, and have been betrayed. Whether it be a friend who I trusted trying to kill people, or my girlfriend when I finally trusted her cheating on me and leaving me.

I find myself unable to trust anyone anymore... I even sign my posts Anonymous because I do not trust anyome to know any aspect of me on this site.

I have recently rekindled my love for the girlfriend who cheated on me, but I can't help but feel my blood boil when she is not within my eyesight. Everytime we are apart I keep thinking she is just out cheating on me, like she did before, even though she assures me that is not the case. My trust issues go into every aspect of my being, I try not to make new friends anymore because I am afraid that they will hurt me.

I understand that trust is an essential part of any relationship, but I am reluctant to trust again... I think I need help.

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Trust is a very difficult thing for me, as well. I am not sure how much of it is due to experiences and how much is due to my illness but, either way, I do not trust easily. And, like you described, I often feel betrayed or let down by those to whom I have extended trust. :( I think in the case of your ex-gf, you have a right to be distrustful and she has proven her self untrustworthy. That doesn't mean with time you won't find yourself able to trust her again. Especially if she is aware of your distrust and takes steps to regain that broken trust. Have you discussed this with her, at all? That may be the first step in facing this issue which clearly has you concerned. At least enough to write about it. Welcome and I do hope you find the support and encouragement you are looking for here.

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Trusting sucks, especially when you've thought another person "so loved you" or earned that trust in some kind of way. I've just learned to never with anyone to trust completely, even if they have earned it..because you never know when "the human condition" will strike. It makes me wonder about people who betray another's trust they've earned if they have ever had their trust someone earned from them betrayed/broken? Did that make sense? I just don't see how anyone who's trusted and been betrayed or had that trust broken could do that to someone else? Now, that's something I just will not ever understand.

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