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Any experiences with an LISAC?


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I am about to break down and call the dude my ex-pdoc referred me to, but I would like to know if anyone can tell me what to expect. He is a Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor. I'm wondering what specifically such a person would do beyond sending me to AA meetings and demanding to be an "accountability partner" which to my ears sounds like someone who is going to yell at you if you slip. I can do that much to myself so unless a holder of this designation has more to offer it would be a waste of my money and I don't have insurance yet from my new job.

What I really need is education, and a little positive support wouldn't hurt as well. By contrast my pdoc was like, "yeah right I've heard that one before" when I talked about my strategies for getting sober. Well maybe they were crap but don't dismiss me when I'm doing the best I can. So if I could get what I need to know so that I don't make dumb choices, and maybe once in a while my successes could be recognized instead of what I'm not doing right, I think I would be more likely to recover.

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