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Does anyone know a good spiritual place to live?


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I need peace, calm and the feel the need to get away from this worldly place with its stresses and hassles of life.

I want to go away to some ashram or some retreat and live there for as long as they will allow me.... preferably forever. Does anyone know any good therapeutic place, anywhere in the world? Please give me a lot of options. Thank you in advance.

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Guest ASchwartz

There is an ashram in Colorado, in the Rocky Mountains that is near a town called Nederland. You could do a Google search for that one. I don't know it's name but if you restict your search to Boulder Colorado I think you could learn more.

Better than staying there you whole life, they can teach you how to live more peacefully so that you could take that with you and use it in any situation that comes up.

Also, I believe that John Kabbat-Zinn has a program in Mindfullness living at one of the universities in Mass. You could look up his name and be directed to what is available.


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