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Attracted to Deviant Women

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I like women who are a little insane, or in other words, fucked up. Crazy. Violent. Psychotic. Jealous. And most importantly, sexually deviant. I hate the Sex in the City watching yuppie woman or the fat pasty fake Goth types that make up most of the women in my age group today. Help me understand.

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By sexually deviant I mean women who are perverted (at least according to society's standards) and uninhibited in bed. Most women are actually pretty lame in bed, but have no idea because of all the desperate chumps out there.
I know spontaneity is best, but it never hurts to ask for what you want. I also don't think it hurts to take the first step. Actions speak louder than words. It helps a woman to know that if she puts in a whole lot of effort the guy won't simply roll over the second he gets off and completely ignore her needs (=usual result of a woman being creative). Believe it or not, 'coitus interrupted' ain't fun for either party.
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I'm wondering were you spoiled or neglected as a child maybe these woman are some sort of unfulfilled need that nourishes something inside of you you didn't get during your crucial growing years. Or you don't feel worthy enough to date people who do not behave in this manner. Perhaps you can only date someone who has a mind like yours ?

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