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borderline personality disorder...


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azqueeraz, I am sorry for all this pain:(:P

I'm no expert, but I've heard there is an effective treatment for borderline sufferers called DBT, have you and your therapist tried that one?:)

It's important to have a good working relationship with your therapist. I had to switch therapists a few times when things were no longer working. It's tough to know whether you should stick it out or not sometimes, but when you know you really need help sometimes you need to find a better fit. :(

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Why did you go off your meds? Was there a side effect that was bothersome, or was it just an impulsive decision you aren't sure you understand?

I think there are probably some therapists who'd find it very difficult to work with BPs, but there are some, I'm sure, who really have a talent for it. Maybe your therapist is somewhere in between?

I'm sorry you're feeling so see-saw-like, that must be really hard! I hope you'll be able to switch meds or go back on and feel better. And if your therapist wants to try DBT give it a chance? You researched it, how long does it take on average to start working? Put a mark on your calendar, and say ... I'll try it that long and see. It might really help!

Good luck!

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Well, you should try asking, and see what she says!! :-) She must have some idea you are washing about unsure of yourself. If you've seen her for 3 years (I'm making an assumption based on the time you gave for being on the meds) and are unsatisfied with your progress, you might try switching, especially if she doesn't do DBT and you want to try it. I've heard that sometimes you just have to do that, perhaps one therapist can't hold all the keys to your treatment.

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