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sleep sex


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What is the allure for the conscious person? Anyone ever done this? to a stranger?

These acts probably fill some need in that person. The meanings could be numerous. You deserve to be valued, Jai.

And vice versa' date=' I like being the unconscious person. anyone else experience this? like or dislike? this happened a bunch as a teen /twenties to me. does that experience foster the interest? is this unusual? it doesnt seem to be, if ur a guy creeping on a girl sleeping. Why do i like this so much, would it be considered a fetish?

Just curious.


Could it be a form of disassociating or a way of keeping pain (or yourself) at a distance? Escape? The dominance/submissive symbolism could also hold deeper meaning. Do you see any of this in other aspects of your life?

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IJ-The twisted thing is, this is what does make me feel valued. that someone wants this from me enough, that they'll just take it.

Is it the taking, is it the providing, or is it possibly having an effect on others? Do you value what you're giving?

Ideally, you hope for someone to want this with you...

Lots of questions. Just food for thought...

Take care, Jai.

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No, i dont value what i give-thats why i dont care who takes it.

Maybe this can be something to work on?

Some of my behaviour feels like that' date=' like its just happening, without so much as my being a lucid participant, or sometimes a willing participant.[/quote']

Could this be a form of disassociation, do you think?

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