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Hi guys, its been some time since i was last here. I have been in the same lonely, depressed state for almost 5 years now, with very few weeks/days that i thought were good. I can feel my life plummeting to the ground, im isolating myself more than and other time of my life.

Ive been distancing all my friends, my family, even lost my job because i could not keep going in and having EVERYBODY( and i mean everybody) looking at me, then laughing, then holding their index finger and thumb up about an inch as if they were sizing my penis up.

There is this one girl i have known for bout 3 years, that i feel like she is one of those few that come along in ones life, but despite my deepest feelings for this girl, she wants nothing to do with me.

I guess what im saying is that i am sick of feeling depressed, and tired of looking towards the future when it has nothing in store for me, but more emptiness. This has truly devastated my life. I do not know what i did (in this life or another) to deserve this God forsaken curse, and now im jsut wishing someone will come and take it all away. REally need some words of wisdom. This car has already been broken down and im ready to scrap it.

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I understand Wolf. Life is not worth living if you have a small penis. We will never have complete lives, or fit in, or be anything special. The only words of wisdom I can come up with are that it's not your fault. Every person is a random mutation of genes from their parents. You can't choose your parents. Some people just have blind luck and naturally have good looks, big penises, good personality, etc. It's nothing special on their part. They didn't do anything to achieve it. Life is also "not what you make of it." Life is what you try to make of it with the cards you are dealt. I say simply descend into chaos.

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Don't listen to that guy, his post doesn't even make sense (the part about life not being what you make of it when he rephrases it to mean the exact same thing). His posts are full of hate and there is no outcome with hate, only more hate.

I'm sorry I haven't responded yet, but I will tomorrow.

Life is worth living even for us who have statisticaly small penises. I know what it is like to be at the end of your rope. Hang in. I'll get back with you soon.

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I understand what toulouse_lautrec is saying and i half way agree. I get that its not my fault my genes are a complete and utter fail, but to other people they act like i chose this life, like i chose not to be good looking, i chose not to have a big penis.

I dont get why 90% of the world has to make comments, and the 10% still laugh and make fun of you, but atleast they are nice enough to say it behind your back.

Ive been deeply depressed now for probably 5 years+ and im only 22. I look at how my life is going and how it will be in 20-30 years. All i see is a sad, hopeless, life alone. I really dont want it to be this way, Ive tried my very hardest to fit in with the world, but despite my strongest effort, I feel like im always gonna be a freak that belongs in a carnival sideshow.

I feel like 10% of a real man, hell I hear it anytime i walk out of the house,"Is that a woman with a beard?", "I think thats a tranny.", "My babys penis is bigger than that!" Because of this I get so deeply depressed that i barely leave the house, I end up loosing my job. It has been years since ive had sexual contact with any women, and all but one time was with sluts, and i couldnt even fill their void.

I wish i could live another life jsut for one day, and one of these ppl could live in my shoes.

Im losing all i care about, my friends, my family, love interests. I feel like i have alienated my self from the world, and i dont have the confidence to go back, probably wont either, unless theres a magical penis fairy floatin out there.

Ive given up on this 'life', or should i say curse. No more meaning in it for me. Don't worry, Ive attempted suicide afew times, but I cant even get that right.

Signing off- Wolf

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Hi Wolf. I'm sorry you're hurting so much. :o It's always sad when people are cruel to one another. I'm sorry that happened to you. Not everyone is like that, though. There are caring people in the world who would accept you and love you as you are. I hope you will not give up. Have you ever spoken with a professional about your depression? What is one thing that you can do today to help you move in a positive direction with your life?

Take care, Wolf.

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Your only message involves hopelessness and giving up, the way of a coward. And what are the facts, can you let me know?

Wolf, I feel your pain. I know what it is like to feel so alone with no understanding of how things can change. You have to believe there are good women in this world who want more than a big penis. You have to believe that you have so many other qualities and interests and thoughts and opionons and feelings that a women would love. You have to believe that our penis, or face, or height, or weight or any physical attribute do not represent who we are and don't matter in the great scheme of life.

I overcame having a small penis to have wonderful wife and a three month old daughter.

Actually, all I had to overcome was my fear. I wrote about it in a previous thread. To sum up : I HAD A CHOICE JUST LIKE YOU DO. Either bitch and moan and never try again or deal with my fear of rejection and put myself out there. Eventually it paid off and I couldn't be happier.

You are young, don't give up. The right woman is out there for you, and the only way to find her is to keep trying.

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Hopelessness and giving up is not the way of a coward. That's your definition of it, but in no way is that reality. There is no fixing having a small penis. You can only change what you think of it. You can't change a woman's opinion. Therefore, in a way it is hopeless. Dress it up all you want, but it is hopeless.

And even if you overcame your small penis to have a wife and daughter, that's just your bubble. To the majority of people, you would still be deemed small and you would be laughed at.

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Why should I give a shit about the majority of people when I have what makes me happy? Why should I (or you for that matter) care what other people thinK?

A coward is someone who is afraid to do something difficult. Trying to overcome your situation (although difficult and heartbreaking at times) is cowardly.

I did change women's opinions so don't tell me I cant.

Read fedup's post in "an apology" and tell me it can't be done again. Although evidence to the contray, you will probably tell me it can't be done. I think I'm done with you since you don't argue with objectivity and instead argue like a kid crossing his arms and saying "nough uh."

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