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I wish it was monday


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My mom has schizophrenia and she is also bipolar, she has always seem to manage it well and take care of her self, but these year has not been good and the past months worst, She lyes about taking her medication i ussualy control her but im not always at home I have a shop and also have to deal with my addictions and problems, we have to fight to go to the doctor its pretty much like living with John Nash imaginary phone calls, paranoid, etc. There was one time that she dindt even know I was her son. I just hate this week, I wish it was monday already.

I almost hit her a few days ago, I got so much stress and i get so depressed I also feel like I explote in anger and just whanted to kill her, its not the first time these happends i have 2 youngers brothers than dont help at all one day I was looking at them laughing and playing video games and i just whanted to breake them, the computer and everything in my way, aftar that i just seated on a chair an cry, then I took for a walk.

Ive been angry like these to other ppl but never to my family but now it seems i cant hold back to no one.

At the end i just feel so sad, so bad, sometimes I dont know what to do. I feel like it would be much easier to not have a family at all, i dont know.

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