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so i have a problem and i need help


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so its actually happening right now. im shaking, i have butterflies in my tummy, im crying, i cant eat, i feel sick, i feel just uneasy and sad and theres no reason for it. i just recently was promoted at work, i have a great guy in my life, i have friends, im finally out of my parents house. the biggest problem is i get more anxious when i think about talking about it. i dont know what to do but this is messing w my life a lot. i dont want to do things i used to love like go to work,seeing my friends,playing w my dogs, even sex! the only ever time ive felt this down was when i was dumped for the 1st time. i have these thoughts telling me im not good enough, im slow, im fat, im stupid, no one likes me, im a bad person. so what can i do? who can i call? where do i go? am i just crazy or am i sick? im so sad and i dont know what to do.:):(:) please help me:(

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Without being an expert, I'd say it sounds a lot like depression which possibly has its root in anxiety. I say this based on my own experience as this is very much how my symptoms initially presented after I had my first anxiety attack. Once the anxiety attacks started, depression followed and now I find, at least in my case, they are often intertwined.

So, to answer your questions, first let me say you made an important first step by seeking help. Coming to a site like this has to be hard but I believe you will find much support, encouragement and advice here. Beyond visiting a web site, however, there are lots of options for you. The first is to contact your GP. Let him/her know what you are dealing with and get their input. You may very well need the help of a psychiatrist and anti-depressants so you need to be in touch with a doctor. It is often easier to get in with your own GP than a psychiatrist (the wait can be weeks or months) so that is a good first start. Another suggestion would be to seek a licensed therapist who can be very helpful in identifying coping skills and give you a place to vent.

I do hope you will let us know how you are doing. There are many wonderful people here who are willing to share their experiences. You are definitely not alone. Hang in there!

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I can't improve on the advice given. This has a depressiony flavor to it. There are good treatments for this sort of thing in general. These take the form of medications or therapy, or therapy and medications combined. You aren't crazy, but you may be "ill" in the sense that depression and/or anxiety is a mental disorder. As mental disorders go, these are the common cold of mental disorders. Lots and lots of people go through this sort of thing. Most will come through it spontaneously, but some will linger longer than they need to if they don't seek out treatment. these things (e.g., depressions) can come on spontaneously in a biological fashion (e.g., without there being an emotional reason for being upset or frightened. They are also very commonly associated with fears and concerns which you may be thoughtful about or which you may not have insight into at the present time. Therapy can help you to work it out.

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