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If you ever plan on staying clean, it may take a permanent change of friends. If they don't respect you enough not to have things around that will tempt you when you're trying to better yourself, can they truly be called friends?

Think of it this way..... if you were in jail, how many of your so called friends would come visit you? How many of your friends help you pay your bills and help you with your mom and brothers?

Let me tell ya, epp- If i see any of my brother's "friends" now, I'd smack the crap out of them for contributing to his problems and helping to kill him. That's why I stay inside.

Don't wait until it's too late to change. Please, just take it from someone who has experienced a whole lot of hurt. I'm not full of educational knowledge when it comes to addiction, nor do I have personal experience with using drugs, but I do have an eternal void left in my heart and soul by the loss of my brother to an overdose. It's not worth it, man.

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If you tell your friends they might be surprisingly supportive. A number of the people in my group have found that they had friends who were thinking about quitting and when the guys who were quitting started talking about getting sober then their friends used that as motivation. If they are true friends they will want you to succeed as Jenna pointed out.

Best of luck to ya.

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Yea i got some friends that can suport me there from another group my highschool buddys.

I whent to party that night and the friends that were there were not suportive I told them i was quiting and they laugh about it, so they cheered me up until i ended doind what they whanted getting high.

They even whanted to give me alcohol and even if i dindt took my meds that night I dont like to drink i get violent so i avoid it.

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