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-Maybe- I am wrong???


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I seem to be getting replies to my -Posts- that I don't understand completely, therefore I might be wrong? I was taught when I started to work for the mental health industry that the counselors and or other professionals have a -Plan- in place to help each client. They told us never offer advice to a client because you could be doing harm because the advice might interfear with their recovery. That is why I am very careful not to offer specific advice when a clients talks about their problems in detail, I might be pushing them over the edge. Now replies on this site have suggested that I tailor my advice for each individuals situation, please respond with advice and be gentle I am very sensitive, just kidding...

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Kindness, no one is here responding as a client or a professional. The community is a peer support site and is not intended to replace therapy of any kind. When responding we offer one another our support, kindness and care. We also may offer ideas that have helped us personally. Basically we are here for one another. I hope this makes better sense.

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I appreciate your willingness to take a look at how you relate to people here. I hear what you are saying about training but I may have another way to look at it.

I, too, work in a facility that serves people who struggle with mental illnesses and substance abuse concerns. (we don't call them clients or patients....we call them people)

I do have an education and training that enables me to do the job I was hired to do at this facility. And I do it IN THIS FACILITY. Once I walk out that door. The rules change. I also have a 2nd job that is not in the mental health people. Yet, there are people here who also struggle with these concerns. It is not my job to be their therapist....but I still listen, offer support, give advice if it's asked for and generally just sit with them as one human being to another. It doesn't mean I don't, at times, use some of the same skills, but I don't act in the capacity that I do at my job.

How do you interact with someone who may be struggling who has no affiliation with your job? Is this something that you can identify with?

If I'm understanding right....the bottom line of what you are talking about is simply treating people with respect and kindness. (which I think we should all be doing) You can do that here. Read the threads of others. Offer compassion and support. Share some of that kindness that you have been practicing for what sounds like a long time now.

What do you think?????

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