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I be high, I be low


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Dropped out of school. At home with my mom now. Girl i was messing around with for a few weeks went back to her 28 year old bf. I didnt even like her but it was nice for once. no friends. Want to socialize but nowhere to go. Never held a job for more than a few weeks befire boses get pissy so i have no connections. Recently Startded developing some embarrasing psoriasis.

Maybe i'll switch sides and sell or drive., thers no sides.

dunno where to go, feel like i need to go. im ina cage. caged in. restless and servely confused. Depressed. Have no worth. Tell me I do it doesnt matter. Theres something i've missed.

Might aswell roll over and die. Im getting pissed. Im angry, but im so nice. I am nice becuase I;m depressed, and a im depressed becuase im angry. I shood just get angry and let it all out. Cant do that to my mother tho.

Cant stick to something, school, job, hobby, i get self consciouss of it and it makes me nauseous.

Always tired, and sore. Cant get turned on. Think im in the process of dying. my life path is to slowly fall apart, sinking into a hole. If I try to get out im going to pull others in.

Im never ready. story of my life. Where can i GO?

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been there, where can u go? o man ive tryed escaping home so many times. Ive lived in diferent states in my country lived in 2 other countrys, and been around almost everywhere. At the end yea i got to now some great places but I ended at the same place ive started 9 years ago. And know im trying to do what i was suposed to do then.

So get back to school when ever u can and finish, and try to think something u like and make a career of it. I dont now what age u got but probably one day ur going to realice time as passed and ur still at the same place and its and awful feeling.

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I think you should definatly try being on your own. There is much to learn from being on your own. Also, I really want to give you advice or support, but I can't really deduce the source of your problem from what you've written here. What are things that make you who you are? Why are you angry? Why do you feel like you have no worth? Let me tell you, you do have worth and by trying to get out you are doing exactly the opposite of pulling others in. You are inspiring others to get out as well. The only advice I can give you right now is to take care of yourself and to get help and be open. There's people here listening and caring. Confide in us and we will do what we can to help you... :(

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