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Is all penis enlargement a scam?

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My interest in penis enlargement started roughly 4-5 year ago. Rather than sulk and be depressed about my lack of size, I desperately wanted to do something about it. Unfortunately, 5 years later, I still have not improved in that area whatsoever...

Back then I was naive and did not do any research on the subject. I was watching some porn and the intro contained an advertisement for some penis enlargement piills by VigrX. Ron Jeremy was the spokesperson so I assumed it was legitimate....little did I know how retarded this whole enlargement by pill concept would be....A few semesters of biology and anatomy taught me a little better. Anyway, I coughed up $200 of minimum wage money or so and basically the pills just heightened my arousal level. I was desperate for an easy way out like most people are..which is why the industry is thriving.

Anyway, a year or two later, I discovered natural enlargement exercises with actual anatomical diagrams and legitimate sounding science to back up the possibilities for penile lengthening and widening. Places like Thunrder Palace and Matter of Size seemed to be legitimate fountains of information regarding different enlargement techniques. However, Thunder palace does not allow new members (like this forum). That instantly made me skeptical because I coudlnl't personally respond to or ask any members questions on the topic. Second, "matter of size" required forms of payment and the DVD samples that show the webmaster (doublelongdaddy) performing his technique show that his penis size is not the ridiculous 11 x 6 inches he claims to have. Sure I could blindly follow the routines on both of these enlargement forums, however, I'm not the type of person to do something without actual proof. and evidence of it working.

Several penis enlargement forums claim to have actual Physician approval, but there is no bullet proof evidence proving so. Websites dedicated to natural PE seem to have very few people in the below average category doing the exercises as well. It seems that all the people on those forums are well above 7 inches, thus being in the supposedly top 2%. I understand that gains take years to achieve if they are even possible. However, several members on PE sites claim to have 2-3 inch gains within months, and this is highly unbelievable.

Finally, the latest penis enlargement technique that I have found in the past few years was the penile extender. This follows the same prinicple basically as natural enlargement. However, I'm worried that this would possibly damage the function of my penis if II were to use it. Anyway, I actaully recently saw this extender get mentioned on an episode of "Manswers". In the episode, they interviewed a urologist and he said that this sort of device could give a man 1 inch in length if worn for 6 hours a day everyday for 6 months. That sort of sounds realistic, although painful to me.

I am debating on trying one of these devices as it would be more straight forward than all the penile enlargement techniques that I'm highly skeptical about. Natural PE is cheaper, but how reliable is it? I personally do not have the patience to be doing such excercises not nkowing whether or not they will help me in return...especiailly after seeing how the leading natural PE sites seem like scams. Again, I'd liek to mention that you can't make a membership to http://www.thundersplace.com/ and this is supposedly a leading natural PE site. Why would I bother doing those techniques if I can't even talk to the forum memebers to at least determine if they are telling the truth? Why would people consistently lie and post about these things if they weren't working? I have a feeling that perhaps that site has a partnership with "matter of size" http://www.mattersofsize.com/forum/showthread.php?36996-Thank-you-matterofsize.com

If you browse the videos on the matterofsize website, you will see the endowment of the creator...who has a very interesting history. He's supposedly an ex drug addict that has OCD and started pulling and torturing his penis until he realized that he increased in size....and to think that this sort of person is one of the most respected members in the PE community? I saw his video and he does have a very large penis, however as I stated earlier it's no where near the 11x6 that he claims it is....so I feel that this guy was just given a good deal at birth and he's cashing in on the insecurities of people with the same problem as me. I however, am not buying into his methods without clinical proof. The only method that I'd consider trying out is the extender or perhaps weight hanging. However, the last two methods coudl possible damage the erectile tissue in nthe penis and I'd be better off with a small one than a lengthy piece of flaccid flesh...

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What's worse than being saddled with a undersized penis?

Being equipped with one that is not only small by most people's standards, but one that will no longer work because of self inflicted damage.

What works for me? I search until I find women with less self esteem thanI and enjoy them for a while, then move on to a different one.:cool:

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I feel that those PE sites are definitely exaggerating the gains...it's ridiculous for people to claim that they doubled their length from basic penile manipulation. I'm pretty sure there would be Urologist support for such things....but yeah most likely those places are trying to attract traffic to other sites...pretty ridiculous. I was searching these forums and there was a poster from one of those sites. He seemed genuine in saying that it took him years to get to his level, but at the same time I feel as though he was just trying to direct us to those sites....I wish I could believe this sort of thing, but it's just ridiculous to go into some exercise program that will probably damage your member more than improve it...

As for the self esteem thing, I haven't run into anyone like that....and although it works for you, I don't think I'd be happy with lowering my standards.

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I'm going to try the extender device and post a log. I feel that this is the simplest method and does not force me to dedicate any time throughout the day to manipulate my penis. If after 6 months, I do not see any results, I'm going to call it quits and move on with my life. I will probably start wit this at the beginning of next year.

Seeing as I can't make an account on the PE sites, I will do the same things that they do on those sites and post a measurement log. I will not be including pictures though so you will have to take my word for it if it works. Currently I'm barely 5 inches if at all. With a ruler very lightly skimming my pubic area, I think I'm exactly 5 inches in length...maybe 5 & 1/8th inches in length. The widest portion measures at 4.625 inches in circumference, but I do not know the average girth across the entire shaft. After 6 months, I'm hoping for at least 1/2 of an inch in length and anything in girth. This isn't a dramtic difference, but it would at least make me average whereas right now I'm barely average if at all. I'm very skeptical about this whole thing, and I'm probably wasting my money, but this distracts me from being depressed about the issue. I don't see myself approaching a woman confidently knowing that I'd throwing a sausage in a cave..

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PEgym.com is a site where u can create an account for free, and post in forums and get feedback. They are not directly selling anything. obviously their will be adverts on the side i think but the forum isnt intended for commercial purposes. Im no expert but from reading loads of information on the site, I think natural penis enlargement exercises are not a scam and can work. However, its a huge dedication of time, you need privacy and gains are slow and realistically u might only gain an inch or two.

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I ran across this today:

The best product for male enhancement is choline bitartate. Choline is the pre-cursor to acteylcholine which is responsible for penis enlargement during puberty. Choline bitartate + 5 months of exercises = 1 - 2 inches in growth. I have not come across a single male enhancement formula that contains choline bitartate and that's probably why the formula's in themselves hardly ever lead to enlargement.
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See a REAL urologist before you do anything the Internet tells you. I mean perhaps PE does work and I need to commit to it, I dont know. However, I suspect that many people are hallucinating their gains and drawing them out of proportions. I really want to make myself a test dummy for a penis extender just to find out if this would indeed work. But knowing my luck and considering the impending apocalypse this year, I won't have enough time to get a noticeable length increase if these systems do indeed work as they claim to work.

Also, what really drives me nuts is seeing the majority of PE'rs starting off at a claimed 7 or 8 inches and practicing PE. Why would these people have the need for such a thing...I don't get it. I hate the Internet....I really do. I wish I was born into an older generation where I wasn't exposed to so many damn penises....

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Yeah I notice that the manual exercises pushed by DLD dont work and Those people like him lie a lot in my opinion 90% of what they say is bullshit. there trying to make money so they WILL LIE TO YOU to win or just give you half truths. just like you I'm doing hanging weight and using a jes extender traction device. They call it mechanical Penis enlargement and I trust that more than the manual stuff. So far no gains but I have faith!! because My dick is changing slowly.

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