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Paedophilic thought recovery


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Hey guys.

A while ago i came here for support about these incoming urges of paedophilia (Well, i thought they were, apparently after some research and therapy it isnt actually paedophilia, but it was worrying, i was 17 they were 14-16 which is apparently completely fine, but i have gone over most of it) andi wanted to thank you all.

I am back to how i use to be, to an extent, i come out of this with great knowledge and change, i have changed better and act around women better, i understand that a relationship is just anyone you find attractive, and i found out that age doesnt matter as much as i first though (I was worried about a 2 year gap behind me or infront)

So, thank you for the support, sometimes i go back to my old ways and worry but i normally get over it very fast.


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