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These haulcinations havent gone

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HEy guys its been 4 months since i did pot and screwed my mind..Im 16 and on the 23rd of august i ate a chunk of canibis...and it sorta scrambled my brain..i was in the Teen menatl psych ward for like 4 months...nothing has reallly helped...i fell like i tellaport everywere..like i will walk to the kitchen from my room which is like 6 feet away and it will fell like i am sort of telaporting like it takes a split second..and everything will loook dereal...and when i walk outside things look dereal and im like im traped inside my own brain...iif thats even posiblie..and sometimes i will fell like im leaving trails behind me...its been like 4 months since this phenamonin...fells like its going to be stuck with me forever...

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Well, one issue with buying an illegal herb is that there's no one to sue if you don't get what you pay for. There could have been anything in that packet you bought.

Have you told the doctors about what you took, and what you're experiencing, still? I have no way of knowing what they can do about it, or how long it would take. At least you're getting treatment for it. Have they given you any information about your prognosis (your expectation for getting better)?

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