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do you have problems sleeping?


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I certainly do.

I've stuck this in the anxiety section as from personal experience and that which I've learned as a psych student, the more anxiety/stress you have, the more it plays with your quality/quantity of sleep.

I cant remember the last time I got a decent 8 hours, I seem to either wake up consistently, take HOURS to fall asleep and thus only get 3 - 5 before having to wake for something or i wake up and just feel exhausted.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

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You are definitely not the only one, I am often so tired I feel loopy, but I lay down and can't get sleep. I am a high school student though so one could argue that its a stage someone goes through. I just kind of except it at this point.

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You just described exactly what I go through. I've struggled with this for 10 years. It started really bad when I was about to turn 18. My doctor gave me something to help me sleep but even that didn't help! I guess he thought I had a major case of insomnia. It wasn't until I was 20 or so until I was diagnosed with anxiety. Everytime I lay down, it's as though my brain will not "shut off". I have racing thoughts, worrying about things I have to do the next day, thinking about things that happened that day, thinking about things that happened last week, going through my mental checklist of things I've got to do, etc. It really sucks! I have yet to find a technique that works on shutting off my brain for some peaceful sleep and I refuse to take sleep aids. It's extremely frustrating and draining!

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