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Really bad depression


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Yes I'm on wellbutrin for the last 3 months, before that pristiq. It's just a cycle...well for a bit and depressed the rest of the time. I ca'nt do this anymore.

Maybe the meds are not working for you. Depression is very difficult to overcome but it is possible with a combination of right medications and a good therapy.

I am sorry that you are hurting so much. Does something trigger your depression?

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I agree with you. I lost out on my friends after feeling extreme depression. In fact, when I'm depressed I dont want to interact with anyone at all and avoid people. Anti depressants dont help me at all, in fact I become like a zombie and sleep all day. Just thought I should share with you what works for me.

GUIDED MEDITATION does wonders for me. Its natural, without any chemical inputs in the body and honestly is just too fabulous! You can also try it and see if it helps you deal with your depression.

I recently attended the Art of Living course and found it helpful. You can find more information online and even try their Online Guided Meditation -


I also downloaded some guided meditation apps on my iPhone which are superb to destress esp. at the times that I am feeling super low. Specific meditation apps that I found useful are -

1) Glenn Harrold Meditation Program

2) The American Monk

You can do a net search and try downloading them maybe?

Let me know if this helps you. God bless!

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