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Effects of Schizophrenia and Psychosis on friends and relatives.

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My father is a Schizophrenic. After living with him until the age of 15, I have found it has had many effects on my own way of thinking, a main one being that I tend to question reality in certain situations and have developed paranoia of my own. If I hear people laughing, I automatically assume they are laughing at me, I see eyes watching me everywhere I go, and I often question whether, when I notice these things, these people are really there or if they are a figment of my imagination, or possibly, the result a mental health issue.

I think this is due to, after living with, and for many people, being close to an ill person, you begin to question your own 'sanity'. My father has often denied being mentally ill, to him, what we know are hallucinations, are completely real, they are fact to him. And this makes you wonder, especially if you often struggle with paranoia, is what I'm seeing real? People staring at you in the street, people laughing at you wherever you go. Maybe they are all in your own head.

Has anybody else found this? What does everyone think?

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You might have possibly Inherited the mental illness..My mother suffers from mental health issues...And i suffer from sever mental health problems.Its all genitic..We share our DNA with our parents so..you possibly have inherited..Usualy living with someone who is schizophrenic..is just like living with someone with dementia...you just shrug off what they say.They to get paranoid thoughts,Haulcinations,

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