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feeling ok


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well lately i feel ok, i down get those downs i used to get before so i think medication is working, the only thing that seems to not go for complete is those rushes or impulses.

yesterday when class finished i was going to take the bus home, but then i decided that ill walk a little and take the bus in the next stop. but then i keep walking and i realized i was walking faster and then i was almost half a way from home then i got exited and decided to run home i had my headphones on i was listening to music and it was insanly hot, not a good a idea to run at that hour then i was not quite at home but close in a corner someone touched my arm and i was surprised then i realized it was some dudes that live close to my house they just said man what are u doing?? and i said im listen to music, so i chilled out and whent walking with them until i got home.

so maybe tonight i will call a friend and go out for a run but with the proper clothes.

run forest.

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im pleased that you are doing okay and that your meds are helping you :(

running sounds really energetic (im in a lazy mood lately :o) - but i hope that if you do go for a run - you enjoy it :D

Yea i feel great but i need to calm down a little bit i get really exited, acelerated but i feel im thr greatest lol.

lazy mood :), dont worry my mood is usually contagious.

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I also think this forum, life storys, and some ppl here also helps me.

I havent seen my srink since i created my account here, her mother is sick then she took vacations to be more at home and her mother got even worse so i understand. I dont feel like going to another srink, ill just wait.

I only go to the hodpital to see the doctor that prescribsme meds, i tell him if im ok or not and thats all we test meds.

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