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Afraid I May Hurt Someone


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Can you arrange to be somewhere else at that time?

No matter how much he might deserve your anger, you don't deserve to have to live with the consequences of doing something back. Plus, I think you're stronger than that.

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Mmm, unless you're Hammurabi, that action might be tough to justify.

But no one could fault you for the feeling.

Can you find a more productive place to channel that? Prosecution comes to mind, but I don't know if that's possible. Working towards prevention in the community might be an alternative ...

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I'm missing information, namely what would make you angry enough at someone to want to kill them. But if you called that act X, it seems likely that X would be against the law, or that one might be able to work to prevent X from happening to others.

And even if my guesses are off, the question of whether there isn't something more productive you could do with your anger still remains.

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