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I was really good over Christmas, spent time with many people - even though I tried not to - and mostly enjoyed myself. So why, after getting in from work on Friday, have I not wanted to do anything, or see anyone over the New Year. I turned down two invites from good friends, have not left the house other than to take the dog for a quick walk, and just don't want to see anyone or do anything.

I suppose its memories of how i usedto spend the New Year when my parents were still here, I still miss them so much even 5 years on.

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Sounds like you answered your own question. You have some grief especially around this time of year and so you want to withdraw. AFAIK that's a normal part of grieving. It's okay to take some time in solitude as long as it doesn't turn into self destructive behaviors due to isolation. I withdrew myself mainly to avoid drinking too much, which worked for the most part.

Walking the dog is worth something. At least you are getting some natural light which can help with mood. Plus dogs are good for your emotional health as well.

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