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What I am about to type, can be viewed as breaking the rules, but its part of what bugs and makes my depression worse. It will deal with some religon, but I dont believe in a "god", it will deal with sucicde ideation and a few other small things. If you believe this will only hurt you I suggest you don't read the rest.

I have a huge problem with people putting there ethics on others. If we where born free with our own choices then we should have the right to take our own life.

To this effect, I am going to give several key reason this should be allowed under some conidions.

The loss of a life is indeed a great loss to all those around them. As such is not something to be delt with siftly. To that extent, I think that people should be given the right after so much time, to be allowed to die peacefully if thats there choice, and they have shown quite clearly they understand what this means. But my all means it should be allowed. The loss of just 1 person can potentinally save at least 6 people!

If medical sucided would just be allowed, it could save the lifes or help improve the lifes of 6 people maybe more. Someone who wanted to die and deemed to fully understand whats going on, could be put into surgey where they would die. But by doing so, there heart could be given to someone else who wants to live, but will die without one. The liver can be divided into 2 and save 2 more lifes again to those who want to live on. 2 more kidneys means another 2 more life again saved for those who want to live on. Then you take all the left over blood that can save yet another life. I am not sure if eye's can be transplanted any way. Or some other organs like lungs or whatnot. But then you also have the marror of your bones that can be given to someone else, and I am sure there are many other things that can be taken. Then what is left over, can either be baried at this point, or burned into ashes, or perhaps given to sci for some things they might have a need for. Even if such organs are deemed unusable, still allow it, but use real doctors to put the person under, then let students learn on a living body how to preform surgey with more experince coming from this. Its so pointless to give up all this just because so many people are against it. When in reality someone who will just hang them self, could save you! Is it not worth it?

yeah, this is something that I do consider a option for me, but its something that I think needs to have real consideration taken too.

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Guest ASchwartz

I could not disagree with you more. For one thing, we know that suicidal people often change their minds, even in the act of making an attempt. In addition, moods change, improve, and suicidal thoughts pass. That is the point. Why take the life of a healthy person, even if that person, at the moment, wants to. No, life is sacred and when someone is under duress and will feel better, even a week later, it makes no sense to take life. Even if you do not see it at the moment, life is worth living. There is now real help to get people who are depressed and suicidal to a better mood where they can begin to enjoy life.


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TrulySad: "If we where born free with our own choices then we should have the right to take our own life."

Well, you may have been born free, but you didn't have any choice about being born, did you? I tend not to believe in an absolute right to die, for that reason.

That doesn't mean I haven't thought about suicide myself. Sometimes it doesn't seem to matter what's right, only what hurts. But it's difficult to make a case for suicide as the right thing to do.

For instance, dying so that your organs might be useful might help someone else, but the big problem in transplantation is matching the tissue to someone who needs that organ. So your sacrifice might not be of any use at all.

On the other hand, you're here now, and maybe there's something you can do for people while you're here, once you get yourself healthy enough to see what. It seems a waste to decide you're only a bag of organs before you give yourself the chance you deserve. Plus, whenever you do go, you'll still have organs, and someone can still use them, so you haven't lost anything by waiting.

You are free to choose how you live. So choose to live it as a sacrifice to others, if need be, but don't choose to die as one.

Hell, I know this is preachy. Maybe it's something I'm trying to say to myself, so if it doesn't help, I hope you won't hold it against me.

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