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What does "OCD tendencies" mean?


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Asking cause my therapist said I have OCD tendencies & should talk to pdoc about meds that work on both depression and OCD. What would distinguish OCD "tendencies" from regular OCD? When I searched Google on OCD tendencies

I really doubt that I have OCD per se, at least not as I understand it. I don't have any rituals that I perform repeatedly like locking the house or washing my hands. What my therapist is concerned about is my perfectionism and need to become an expert in a subject before I can get started on a goal. This tends to overcomplicate things and lead to procrastination a.k.a. "paralysis by analysis"

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ocd tendencies mean that you may be showing some of the symptoms of OCD but do not meet the criteria to be diagnosed with the disorder.

OCD is classified as an anxiety disorder. Also, not all who are diagnosed with OCD participate in the physical repetative activites or rituals. Some of the obsessions/compulsions can be mental acts.

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Hi Ralph,

I was diagnosed with OCD and perfectionism five years ago, and I have been on a medication called Luvox for just about four years now. I know that this medication specifically treats OCD, but is also given to patients for depression. I can tell you though, it has helped my OCD tremendously! Even if you just have OCD tendencies, I would ask your doctor about the medication.. especially since it's used to treat depression as well. ;)

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