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I'm numb not scared


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I look around to a world that's living people that love others that want a life enjoy living...I don't enjoy living I don't like myself.I have nothing to wake up to! I once had a family I once 6 years ago felt love showed it n welcomed it.I'm nearly 23 and I wish pray hope to be dead,I don't see any reason to be alive.I'm tired mentally emotionly and feel emotionless to everything...I'm close to holding my hands up screaming I QUIT

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Kbeanz, I'm sorry you are feeling so sad. :) I hear that you are feeling tired and hurt. I understand that things are very hard for you right now. :) Do you have any support at home or a therapist you could call? Things can improve. That may be difficult for you to see during this painful time, but it is possible. You mentioned having loved in the past. Your love is still with you, kbeanz. There is always the potential for fulfillment and happiness. If you are in danger, I hope that you will take steps to ensure your safety. Take care of yourself.

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I totally understand where you're coming from. I feel exactly the same way you do.

I' m tired too. I lost a family (my marriage) and deal with two cancer patients in the family every single day.

I think your numbness is due to SHOCK.. You are numb with shock because you dont want to believe this happened. I feel exactly the same way even the reasons are different.

If someone knows the solution how to deal with this, I'd like to know too.

Hang in there.

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