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Yesterday Sucked A HUGE ONE


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Finally got back to the Dentist yesterday. Thought I just had to deal with getting one Wisdom Tooth filled. The lady that does the cleaning failed to tell me that both Wisdom Teeth needed work. Well I got one filled but the other was beyond saving which just had to be yanked out. One of the roots broke off and had to be "fished" out. Needless to say I spent most of yesterday tasting blood.

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Sometimes internet exchanges can be confusing. The person isn't there and we can't pick up on body language or tone of voice. I always hope we can treat one another with kindness and respect. This helps keep the supportive spirit of the community.

I never do very well with having any teeth pulled, either, AP. Usually I require oxygen so I don't faint. :( I'm very squeamish about these types of things. I hope you feel better soon.

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