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I have just celebrated three years at the begining of January. I know its a major accomplishment! I just cant take this feeling anymore. I go through my day in a daze and I just cant take feeling these emotions anymore. I really want them to end!!!! Drinking helped them stay away and I want them to go away now!!!!. I am just so depressed and i know that my life will be unmanagble but that does not help me know Uggh I rea;;y dont know!

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If you've already got three years sober you've probably forgotten more about sobriety than I have yet learned, but I do know what it feels like when I think I cannot take it anymore.

I try to use avoidance and/or distraction in this situation. Finding something else to do while waiting for the feeling to pass seems to help because the feeling will change in a short time even if you don't drink. Writing down a list of "positive coping" activities like listen to music, take a short walk, bubble bath, etc. and then referring to that when the urge to drink sneaks up on you can be a good tool against urges.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck.

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