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ADHD or depression? Maybe both...

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I know I've been depressed for years now... still I never consulted anyone about it but that's not the point here.

I'm aware I have trouble concentrating on some things but I always thought it was because I was depressed. I'm not teaching anyone anything here but when you're depressed, well, you tend not to give a flying sh*t about anything and especially about the things you know you don't care about.

That's why I never cared too much regarding why I could never finish one single page of a book or started daydreaming during a boring conversation.

But now, I fear that I might suffer from ADHD (without too much hyperactivity).

When I watch, say, a show I usually pause it after 5min and take a walk around the house. Then I might feel like listening to a song, so I do that. After that I watch five more minutes but stop again and browse the Internet.

I just started a new job and when my boss explains me something, my mind just starts wandering everywhere even though I concentrate really hard keeping on with what's going on. I daydream all the time.

Could I be suffering from ADHD or am I just bored and undisciplined?

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Wow Ernold it has been a few days since you posted but I will answer anyway.

It sounds like a little of both...ADHD and Lack of self discipline. It's okay though. It is very difficult to maintain any level of self discipline when you have any type of attention issues which we don't diagnose here. You will have to speak to a professional to know for sure. It is not immasculine to seek help for a problem. In fact, it is a little childish not to. Things don't often get better on their own and certainly not by denial or resistance.

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It definately sounds like it is a little of both but instead of ADHD, just ADD if you say there's not that much hyper activity. My husband suffers from ADHD and it can be difficult at times to get him to stay in one spot. For example, when he wakes up in the morning, he leaves. He's not going to work, he's just going out. Whether it's to a family member's home, a store, or just to drive around, he just needs to get away. He also has a bit of depression though as well where he will go out but when he gets somewhere, he doesn't want to do anything and it's not that he's lazy, it's just things that need to be done, aren't. He just doesn't have the will power to do them. I would consult a doctor about how you're feeling, there are different treatments to help with conditions. If you're worried about taking any type of medication, you can also talk to your doctor about home remedy alternatives. Not everything can be controlled with medication and sometimes just a small change in life style can help control your impulses as well as keep you motivated

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