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What is it worth?

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Does anyone know the price of a soul? Would you buy one? Do you really believe it is yours to sell? If you had no soul would you still be you? If not then what would be the point of anything you have ever gone through? I think it's a sad thought really. People talk about losing their soul or selling it but it can't ever be gone really if we are still here so what has been lost or bought /sold, stolen is our communication with it. Our acceptance of our self. Our ability to take responsibility and move on. It's enough to make you cry.:D

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I hope you are okay, frazzled.

I like to think of universal connection. We're all connected and part of being. Human beings, the beautiful earth, all of the creatures who inhabit it, the stars, space....Those are my personal feelings. Would it help to talk more about your feelings? How do you connect with and accept yourself? I understand this can be a struggle, but it's never too late to learn self-compassion.

Take care.

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Thanks Irma. I'm just on the verge of beginning a new phase of my life and a little apprehensive. Fearing the unknown while at the same time fearing the familiar. The man I live with my sons father is getting worse by the day. Every day he calls me horrible names and kicks me out of the house (verbally). Then asks me to make his tea. He is paranoid and suspicious about every move I make and I feel like a prisoner here.

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