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How fragile is our own sanity when we live with someone who has multiple problems that they believe/want you to believe are your problems? Let me list

Sociopathic, Paranoid Schizophrenic, Opoid addict, Hisrtionic, Narcisistic, ADHD, OCD

And he has had a lung collapse several times so you can add oxygen deprivation (as a cause of symptoms or a symptom itself) he's had 2 lung surgeries, he still smokes (1/2 pk a day), he chews tobacco even while he sleeps, and he overtakes our sons rescue inhaler (albuterol)

The fact that I am still here, and with my 7 y/o son speaks volumes (at least to me) about my own sanity. However, everyone in my personal circle of friends and family think I am perfectly sane and just in a tough situation. But how long does a sane person stay in such a situation?

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I really don't know. Pity- I feel sorry for him both his physical and psychological problems give me some twisted sense of obligation. Fear- Aside from being a little afraid of what he might be capable of, I have lost 3 children in this state to an unfit father and I don't want to revisit that nightmare, and I have severe back problems that keep me out of work so I could not provide at the moment for my son.

I guess I feel kinda trapped.

DD Your comment is rather a comfort but I can't answer the question either and I AM in this position.:)

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