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Do you laugh? I don't mean a belly rolling laugh, but any kind of laugh. I very rarely experience a real good belly rolling laugh but I do laugh often. I laugh at a joke, I laugh at something funny someone does, I laugh at the irony in life, I sometimes laugh while at the same time crying in despair. I laugh over many different things in my life and when I am in many different moods. If I can manage to laugh, even if it is to laugh in anger or spite or deep hurt, then I know I am going to be all right. I know I will make it through whatever I am going through. It is those times when I cannot manage a laugh, cannot even break a smile, even at the most hilarious things that I know I need some help.

A laugh, something as pure and glorious as a laugh is all it takes to signal me which path I am going down. :)

I am not in a depression right now so I can recognize what a blessing it is that something like a laugh can work as a signal for me. I just wanted to take the opportunity to enjoy this knowledge while I am feeling good. Who knows when the next dark time will come?

I haven't mentioned my blog in a little while so if you want to learn more about me and my life with depression visit: stigmabegone.blogspot.ca

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Laugh and smile in generally is radiating with positive energy. It is way to express our self that we are positively surprised on other people's act.

"Plain smile is a thin straight line, and the welcoming of the horizontal projections of these same lines, and the vertical - something like a piece of the semicircle."


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