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anyone here taken Lamictil?

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My psychiatrist put me on this medicine about three months ago. A month ago he increased my dosage and said I should be noticing a difference within a couple weeks. I'm not noticing anything but declining stability in my mood and intense depression. It's a medicine used for bipolar but he specifically stated I wasn't bipolar, I was suffering from PTSD. When I first took the medicine, I could tell a difference in my mood, but as time went on, I've could tell I was getting worse. Does anyone here have any experience with this medicine? I'd like to hear what side effects, if any, you had, and how you reacted to treatment with this particular medicine. Thanks.

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Hi sweetie,

I used to take lamictil for a while but did not notice any changes as well. Then my doctor added prozac and it helped me with my mood a lot. It gave me a some kind of balance. From what I understood, this medicine is not for BD only but yes, most of the times is prescribed to treat this disorder.

I hope that helped a bit.


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I was on Prozac before he decided to try Lamictal but the Prozac wasn't working at all. I thought I was doing better when he first put me on it, but now I think it was just because the Prozac was leaving my system.

AP, I think my depression has worsened but I thought it was all in my head simply because the therapist said I would be noticably better by now. I figured if he said it would make me better, then I would be infact be doing better. But I'm just miserable!:)

Due to not having insurance, I'll have to wait until the end of next month to see him about it. I dread trying to start another medicine. I've been on so many that it makes my stomach turn. Medicine is not the only answer, I believe it's just to aid with handling depression a small bit. I really need to start sessions with a psychologist but I'm broke!! It would be of great benefit to change my thought process when it comes to past events in my life and learn new ways to handle those emotions.

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